IGI stands for International Genealogical Index and it is a collection of records indexed by members of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints. The IGI contains (mainly) two types of record:

  • Records Indexed as part of the "Controlled Extraction" - The records are an Index of some of the information contained in some of the Parish Records from some Parishes.
  • Records added by LDS members - These records are as a result of other peoples research and as such should be treated with caution.

The IGI is an Index and extracts certain parts of information to be found in a Parish Register. Use it as a pointer to where to search next. The IGI can be viewed via Microfiche at a Family History Centre/Record Offices or online.

Online Batches

Some of the entries have been transcribed and can be viewed online.  It should not be assumed that these are complete, or indeed, accurate.  Use them as a pointer to where to search next.

St. Mary Magdalene (1814)
M131301 *
United Reformed Church (1706 - 1837) C078321    

* This Batch includes records from other Churches within Suffolk.

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FHL (Family History Library) Films

The IGI was transcribed from Microfilms that have been created by the Mormon Church.  These Microfilms (or Fiche) can be ordered and viewed at any Family History Centre in the world. Find your nearest Family History Centre You do not need to be a Member to use these facilities.

FHL Film Number Item No Title Authors Notes
207446   Census Returns For Debenham - 1851 (P83-132)    
474644   Census Returns For Debenham - 1841    
542764   Census Returns For Debenham - 1861    
825401 5 Births and baptisms for Debenham Independent Church, 1706-1837    
830776   Census Returns For Debenham - 1871    
993241 11 Inscription in Debenham Churchyard Charles Partridge  
993241 10 Debenham Parish register transcripts, 1559-1805    
1037008 21 Parish register printouts of Debenham, Suffolk, England (Independent) ; christenings, 1706-1837   Year 1742 is missing
1341450   Census Returns For Debenham - 1881    
6096572   Census Returns For Debenham - 1891 (RG12/1462 - 4 Fiches)