Military Medal

Military Medal

Physical Description - Circular silver medal 36mm diameter. The obverse bear the effigy of the reigning monarch. The reverse has the inscription "FOR BRAVERY IN THE FIELD" on four lines, surrounded by a laurel wreath, surmounted by the Royal Cipher and Imperial Crown. The ribbon is dark blue with five equal centre stripes of white, red, white, red and white.

The Military Medal was established on 25th March 1916 and was awarded to warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and other ranks for gallantry in action against the enemy. It ranked below the Distinguished Conduct Medal.

Commissioned Officers would have been awarded the Military Cross. Since 1993, when the Military Medal was discontinued, the Military Cross has been awarded to personnel of all ranks.

The following local people received the Military Medal.

William Horace  b. 1892, d. 1918