Winston Village Sign

Winston Village Sign

A SUFFOLK village has unveiled a fitting representation of its rich history.

Parishioners of Winston, near Debenham, gathered to get a look at the village's very first sign, depicting a thriving agricultural and industrial past.

At least 70 of the village's 126 residents turned out as former parish council chairman Bill James unveiled the sign which includes images of St Andrews Church and depictions of Winston's brick making and sheep breeding industry.

The sign, which is surrounded by grapes to represent the village's old vineyard, was erected in time for the Winston fete on June 13.

Stuart Bufton, current parish council chairman, said: “We are only a small village with no shop and no pub but we have a church and three small hamlets. “A village sign has been something we have wanted for some time but the parish council has quite a small amount of money. We saved up and councillor Eddy Alcock also donated some of his locality budget.”1

The sign was designed and made by local engineer Keith Bloomfield.2


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