Churchill's Secret Auxiliary Units

Private Norton George Saunders Private LC "Lennie" Rowe Corporal Arthur "Doug" Aldridge Private Reginald C Fisher Private John Ritchie Serjent Reverend Trevor Waller Captain George Scott-Moncrieff Private William Edgar Harris
Photo courtesy of Peter Carter
Private Norton Saunders, Private Lennie Rowe, Corporal Doug Aldridge, Private RC Fisher, Private J Ritchie
Sgt. Reverend Trevor Waller, Captain George Scott-Noncrieff, Private William Edgar Harris

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Auxiliary Units were a secret resistance network of highly trained volunteers prepared to be Britain's last ditch line of defence during World War Two. They operated in a network of cells from hidden underground bases around the UK.

The Debenham patrol consisted of:

Further information on Churhill's Secret Auxiliary Units can be found on this website Debenham Auxiliary Unit Patrol and I can thoroughly recommend the following book: Churchill's Secret Auxiliary Units In Norfolk & Suffolk, by Evelyn Simak and Adrian Pye, ISBN: 978-0-9558797-7-7, Published by Lavenham Press.