World War 1

Mickfield War Memorial - World War 1

For King and Country
The Roll of Honour

For the Parish of Mickfield
Being a list of those serving in His Majesty's Forces by Sea
and land during the Great War from this Parish

Harry Baker 9th Suffolk Regiment
William Chambers 4th Suffolk Regiment
Arthur E Cullum 88th Company. A. S. C.
Thomas W Farrow 4th Suffolk Regiment
Walter C Finbow 4th Suffolk Regiment
Arthur W Offord 5th Suffolk Regiment
Bertie Peck 4th Suffolk Regiment
Arthur S R Perry Royal Marines
Herbert W Race 153 Battery R. F. A.
Fred Steward 3rd Suffolk Regiment
William Last A. S. C.
Victor Last R. F. A.
Frederick J Farrow R. N.
E. J. St. C Perry R. F. C.
A. William Wythe Royal Sussex Regiment
John H Garrod 2nd Yorkshire Regiment
William Green 9th Suffolk Regiment
Ernest Mills 2nd Suffolk Regiment
Arthur Nunn 76 Siege Battery R. G. A.
Walter Finbow 2/4th Suffolk Regiment
Ashley Last A. S. C.
Claude Tydeman R. E.
W Palmer
E H S Offord 8th Suffolk Regiment
Frederick Smith 10th Suffolk Regiment
Arthur Smith 4th Suffolk Regiment
Sidney Smith 24th Middlesex
Victor Fairweather 3rd Sussex Regiment
John Nunn R. G. A.
William Pooley R. F. A.

Killed in Action

Arthur W Offord 5th Suffolk Regt.
William Green 9th Suffolk Regt.